Yes, the team will be registered as ‘Independent’ instead of under a school or organisation. This includes graduating students from the same school who register as a team and may be posted to different schools in the following year when the competition will be held. The team will have to appoint a Team Manager, who will need to provide his/her particulars and contact details for billing during registration.

Yes, teams can participate in more than one category but each team can only register for each category once. The team may participate in categories higher than recommended but not lower eg. Secondary school students can participate in Categories B-E but not Category A.

Any student that is officially registered with any school located in Singapore will be eligible to participate.

The registration fees will be channelled towards the administration costs of running the competition. These include the organisation of complimentary training workshops for participants and safety infrastructure setup for the competition eg. safety nets for the flying areas.

Attendance is not compulsory, but recommended. Workshops will cover basic theories of flight and know-how to build flying machines. Clinics provide professional guidance to fine-tune participating flying machine(s).

No, all hardware and software costs are to be borne by the teams / schools, unless otherwise stated.

All presentations and challenges will be held in the ITE College Central premises and there are wireless hotspots available. However, participants should be prepared to work on location without wireless internet access.