DSO National Laboratories

DSO National Laboratories (DSO) is Singapore’s largest defence research and development organisation. It undertakes indigenous development of advanced defence and weapon systems that provide the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) with the superior technological edge in the battlefield.


While its primary focus is to support the SAF, DSO also extends its defence R&D capabilities to support homeland security. With more than 1,400 research scientists and engineers, DSO researches on emerging technologies, matures promising ones and integrates them into innovative system concepts to meet Singapore’s defence and security needs.

Science Centre Singapore

Set up in 1977, Science Centre Singapore brings out the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through its unique blend of immersive exhibitions, interactive shows, educational programmes and exciting events.


As a driving force of creativity and innovation, along with its Group of Attractions (KidsSTOP™, Snow City and Omni-Theatre), the Centre has proactively captured the evolution of scientific developments. More than 30 million guests have enjoyed visiting over 1,000 exhibits spread across 14 exhibition galleries and outdoor exhibition spaces.


Over the years, Science Centre Singapore has played a pivotal role in transforming the way students and the public interact with and learn about STEM.

MINDEF Singapore

The mission of MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces is to enhance Singapore’s peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy, and should these fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor. For more information, visit www.mindef.gov.sg.